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To All the Men I've Tolerated Before Podcast

Apr 28, 2022

This week, Natalie is getting some extra help on how to spot narcissism and abuse in relationships from Dr. Natalie Jones. Dr. Jones is the host of the podcast A Date with Darkness. Her goal is to take her experience and turn painful experiences of narcissistic abuse into healing nuggets. She is going to help Natalie wrap her mind around the true definition of narcissism and someone with narcissistic personality disorder. She will also listen to a few relationships Natalie has assumed were with people who were narcissists and help answer the question “Was this person a narcissist or a jerk?” Do you have assumptions about narcissists? See if we can help clear them up this week! Follow us at @menivetoleratedpod on Instagram and on Fireside for the live show! Make sure to like, subscribe, and review so Natalie can send some good vibes and positive manifestations your way as well!

Find Dr. Jones:

Instagram: @drnataliejones and @adatewithdarknesspodcast